Conservation Forestry

The forest management team at Compass Land Consultants (CLC) is on the cutting edge of the theory and practice of conservation forestry. CLC has a comprehensive understanding of natural ecological processes, and has been at the forefront of developing silvicultural techniques to enhance and mimic natural systems. CLC currently manages 25,000 acres of FSC certified forestland for non-profit conservation organizations. Through partnering with these organizations, Compass Land Consultants has gained a unique understanding of the values and objectives required in managing lands with a strict conservation ethic.
“The staff at CLC is not only a pleasure to work with, but they are very respectful of our objectives for the land we own. In their work on our forest management plan, the foresters have been very receptive to exploring alternative approaches to forest management that fit our conservation objectives. All of their work for us has been very professional and thorough and always meets our deadlines. Through our work with them, it is clear that the CLC foresters place a high value on the responsible, long-term management of the forest resources throughout the region.” (Brian Carlson, The Nature Conservancy in Michigan)